Time to Grow

Continuing the tradition of investing in the future at Horizon Prep, the Time To Grow campaign will fund the development and build of our final classroom building at the front of the campus, which will also house administrative offices, and the completion of the athletic fields. 

History of Capital Investment at Horizon Prep

Over the past decade, Horizon Prep has successfully implemented a series of capital campaigns to fund strategic institutional initiatives and building projects that have played a large part in shaping our campus into the state-of-the-art facility it is today. The unparalleled generosity of capital donors over time has helped to enhance the school above and beyond the incredible support provided by the Annual Impact Fund and other forms of giving.

Since our inception, Capital Donors have made the following projects possible:

  • Campus Facilities (land purchase 2003; $12.5 million)
  • Classroom and School Buildings (Miracle Campaign, 2010-2012, 700 and 800 classroom buildings and Lion's Den Gym; Time to Believe 2014-2015, 500 and 600 classroom buildings)
  • Permanent Security Gates
  • Initial Development of Athletic Facilities

As we continue to grow and make plans to complete construction on our 30-acre campus, your support and contributions are more important than ever. Your generosity will allow generations of future Lions to experience the life-changing benefits of a Horizon Prep education.

Give Today

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