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More Than Trophies & Scholarships

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The True Purpose Behind Horizon Prep's Athletics Program

Many teens and parents wonder, "What’s the big deal with playing sports in high school?" If growth and development of your teen’s mind and body are important to you, that should begin to answer the question.

Horizon Prep believes that playing on a sports team fosters many of the skills teens will use in high school and beyond. We empower youth to get involved in extracurricular activities so they can learn important interpersonal skills, have opportunities for increased self-esteem and mental alertness and above all, understand how to balance other things in life besides schoolwork.

As a parent, how can you encourage your teen to get involved in high school athletics?

Register for our on-demand webcast and listen in as we discover the true purpose behind Horizon Prep's Athletics Program. This webinar will answer the following questions: 

  • What does it mean to be on a team sport?
  • How can parents influence their child's sport involvement?
  • What life-altering opportunities can athletic programs provide?
  • Can athletics really promote life essential skills and benefits?

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