Horizon Prep’s classical education model has flourished in Western culture for centuries and embraces the study of literature, language, science, mathematics, philosophy, history, and the arts. Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric phases form the foundation of this consistent pedagogy and shape our teaching approach at every grade level.

Studies have shown that nothing impacts a student’s ability to learn, to grow, and to achieve more than good teachers, which is precisely why we place such importance on finding the best teachers possible.  All Horizon Prep teachers are fully accredited and purposefully selected for having that special “gift of teaching” that certification alone does not ensure.

The culmination of this disciplined process is a team of passionate, loving and caring teachers and assistants unified by shared values and a teaching dynamic that inspires mastery of course material and optimum learning potential.  Students leaving Horizon Prep are equipped to lead, prepared for college and beyond, and empowered with the tools to achieve a lifetime of successful learning.