A strong foundation in reading, writing, mathematics, science and other core subjects is critical in today’s dynamic global economy. Awakening students to their civic responsibilities, mission and outreach initiatives, and to understanding broader worldviews is equally important.

Getting accepted into a good college or university necessitates more than strong academics – nowadays, students are required to possess a broad range of skills and experiences necessary to complete the lengthy admissions applications and subsequent interviews that are commonplace.

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At Horizon Prep, our College Counseling department is poised to help students navigate the college admissions process beginning as early as the 5th Grade, all the way through matriculation. Our counselors are equipped to help students develop the tools they need to maintain an edge amongst their peers – not only going into college, but for life. They also understand that a Horizon Prep education is unique, and they are well versed in how to showcase our numerous strengths.


Some of the clear advantages students can expect from Horizon Prep, include:

  • Because we are a Christ-centered Classical school, students know their grammar, logic and rhetoric. Our students are able to understand, think and defend thoughts, concepts, research, and options on their own.
  • Test scores and grades prove subject mastery and showcase student learning capabilities – demonstrating they are prepared for university.
  • Horizon Prep provides a School Profile (data from GPA’s, standardized and college admission tests, national and state honors and courses that are offered) to each university.  The School Profile summarizes who we are, what our students have learned, and how they will prove an incredible asset to any university.
  • Students are KNOWN by teaching and support staff, which will ultimately help when HP sends letters of recommendation to colleges for admission.
  • Colleges look at what a high school offers and see how each student took advantage of the opportunities on their campus. Students are not compared to offerings at other schools, only to the school they attended.
  • There is tremendous opportunity for students to leave their legacy by starting clubs and establishing a foundation to keep their club running, long after they have graduated.
  • There are great leadership opportunities within clubs, classes and activities, which colleges love to see.
  • HP guides students in a direction that supports God’s calling on their lives. We will explore areas of interest and find ways to incorporate these interests into academics, electives and spiritual growth.
  • HP is proactive in contacting universities and communicating who we are.
  • We take annual college campus tours and host college admissions representatives regularly.
  • HP believes in continued professional growth and sends the Counseling team to local, state and national conferences. We receive the most updated information regarding college admissions, financial aid and the opportunity to network with every university in the nation as well as numerous international universities.

We take pride in delivering well-rounded, academically prosperous graduates who maintain a strong sense of self, hope, life purpose and direction. Our purposeful, Christ-centered curriculum prepares confident graduates for continued academic, collegiate, and professional success.

Please contact our counsenling department for more information.

Andrea Needham
College Counselor

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