The early childhood years are the most important and influential time in a child’s life, and provide the best opportunity to cultivate an enduring love of learning. Our developmentally appropriate and challenging Montessori-based Early Education program is conducted in a nurturing, loving environment that both engages and inspires young learners.


Horizon Prep’s Preschool program follows a Montessori-based model of education. In Montessori school, play is a child’s work. While there is a focus on academics, the distinguishing feature is that children learn at their own pace, in all of the developmental areas, under the guidance of a fully qualified teacher. The assistant teacher supports the smooth running of the classroom which gives the lead teacher the time to spend with individual children.

In a traditional Montessori program, the child is able to pick and choose what they would like to work on all morning, during a 3 hour period.  

At Horizon Prep we realize the children need teacher directed time as well.  Work time is balanced between one-on-one instruction, small group instruction (with like learners), teacher-led classroom instruction, and free choice. This gives the child the ability to learn to take direction from a teacher as well as becoming independent learners as they also have time to "pick and choose" the materials that they would like to work with, creating self-motivation and self-confidence.

Special Montessori toys called manipulatives help students learn through self-corrective methodology. The focus on letting children learn at their own pace also affects how classrooms are arranged, with children ages three, four and five all being in the same room. This allows the older children to serve as role models for the younger ones, exposes children to different ages and also helps build self-esteem as students grow.




In Pre-Kindergarten, the mixed Classical-Montessori curriculum prepares students for a traditional Kindergarten environment by encouraging participation in whole class and small group instruction. Students also have the unique opportunity to develop at their own pace in the areas of Language Arts, Mathematics and Geography, allowing them to explore and master concepts that are well beyond what can be taught in a traditional group environment.




Transitional Kindergarten offers families with students who fall outside of traditional age cut-offs, or who simply need an extra year of preparation, a “bridge” year between Pre-K and Kindergarten. Students in this program gain an extra year to grow in their academic, social, and/or emotional development in order to be equipped to meet expectations and confidently succeed in a traditional Kindergarten program. Transitional Kindergarten will serve the student who turns five before December 31.




Horizon Prep’s Kindergarten is the capstone experience of our four-year Early Education Program. During this foundational year, students learn and absorb information through songs, chants, and various hands-on activities as well as other developmentally appropriate techniques meant to make learning fun while intentionally preparing them for the Grammar stage of the classical model.

Fully credentialed teachers inspire and encourage Kindergartners to become life-long learners. They lay the foundation for math concepts and reading development, and also deliver a curriculum rich in science and history. Exciting special area classes - Art, Spanish, Music, Library, and P.E. - compliment the core program and provide students with a well-rounded educational experience.