It is our desire at Horizon Prep to meet the needs of as many families as possible. We honor the commitment of those parents who have decided to homeschool their children. We are also aware of the challenges that accompany a homeschool education. To this end, Horizon Prep has opened up our classrooms, chapels and other programs to local homeschool families, giving students access to fundamental elements of the HP curriculum: academic, physical, spiritual and social.

Horizon Prep offers homeschool students in grades 9 – 12 the opportunity to attend Horizon Prep as a part-time student by taking between one and three classes over the course of an academic school year. To learn more, please contact our Director of Enrollment, Susan Ferrari at



  •  Conceptual Physics/Honors Conceptual Physics
  •  Chemistry/Honors Chemistry
  •  Biology/Honors BioChemistry
  •  AP Physics 1
  •  AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
  •  AP Physics C: Mechanics
  •  English 9/English 9 Honors
  •  English 10/English 10 Honors
  •  English 11
  •  English 12
  •  AP Language and Composition
  •  AP Literature and Composition
  •  Algebra I
  •  Geometry
  •  Algebra II with Trigonometry
  •  Pre-Calculus/Honors Pre-Calc (dual credit course)
  •  AP Calculus
  •  The Art of Problem Solving
  •  Differential Equations (dual credit course)
  •  AP Statistics
  •  World History
  •  European History and Early United States History
  •  Modern U.S. History
  •  U.S. Government
  •  Microeconomics and AP Micro
  •  Macroeconomics and AP Macro
  •  Spanish I
  •  Spanish II
  •  Spanish III
  •  Spanish IV


Complete and submit Horizon Prep PSP Application, Recommendation Form, Student Questionnaire and PSP Course Request and Financial Agreement along with $500 tuition deposit.


$2000 per semester per course. A $500 enrollment deposit is due at the time of registration and the remaining balance may be paid in installments. 


Students must have been homeschooled the prior school year, be age appropriate and have met any course prerequisites. 


Students will wear Horizon Prep uniform, as detailed in the Student and Parent Handbook, and available in the Horizon Bookshop or online at 


Students may participate in arts, chapel, special events, and other activities. 


  •  Complete and Submit HP PSP Application
  •  Submit Student Questionnaire
  •  Submit PSP Course Request and Financial Agreement along with $500 tuition deposit
  •  Submit 2 years’ report cards and standardized testing reports.
  •  Submit Recommendation Form to Teacher or Pastor

*Class schedules are subject to change.