In the Logic stage of the middle school years, students have begun to question “why.” They are analyzing the world around them and developing their ability to reason and discern truth. The formal logic skills we teach during this stage empower students to argue well while they learn to understand the world around them and their place in it.


Boldly Equipping Students to be Salt and Light in the World

As students begin to analyze the world around them and question “why,” we teach them formal logic and the correct methods of reasoning.

Our robust program focuses on subject mastery, while intentional student development nurtures the whole child.

  • Core instruction in math, science, language arts, history, and Bible complimented with Spanish, Latin, logic, music, art and P.E.
  • Student Development curriculum includes Master Student, Financial Acumen and Life Calling, complimented by Leadership and Discipleship
  • Rich and varied elective options, where students have the opportunity to refine skills, find their passion, or experience something new.  Each student has an elective period daily.  Elective choices are wide ranging, but may include:
    • band, choir, music appreciation, drawing, painting, ceramics, graphic design, dance, creative writing, woodworking, martial arts, scuba, organic gardening, code, CAD, robotics, problem solving, and more!
  • Competitive Athletics