Music instruction begins with our youngest learners and continues through high school!  Whether it's movement-based music in preschool, or learning a new instrument, Horizon Prep students learn the 'grammar' of music and develop musical knowledge and understanding as they grow.  The music curriculum through 4th grade is developed to give children a solid foundation for later musical growth.

Beginning in 5th grade, students can choose to learn an instrument and join our award-winning band, or stay with vocal music.

Logic School students (grades 6-8) have the opportunity to refine skills, find their passion, or experience something new with elective options.  They can be part of our award-winning band or choir, or develop understanding of musical styles and theory through music appreciation elective classes.

Rhetoric School electives include vocal ensemble, which is approved by the UC system and fulfill the VAPA a-g requirement.

Students also can take part in either or our worship bands and lead their peers in our weekly Chapel services.