private christian high school

In the Rhetoric stage of the high school years, students are continually synthesizing information and learning how to present their ideas persuasively. They are becoming increasingly confident in knowing what they believe and why, and are positively shaping their environment and the community around them. Thus they are fast becoming the “good man speaking well,” the master of words who is the graduate of the classical model.

Private Christian High School

Christian Worldview Thinking Extraordinarily Aligned with Academic Achievement


The Rhetoric Stage of our Classical Program is the culmination of the process of learning, bringing knowledge and understanding together to be expressed wisely and persuasively in word and deed.

  • Intentional whole-person development and “experiential learning” opportunities
  • Focus on teaching for content mastery and retention
  • Humanities taught using Harkness discussion methods
  • Integration of math and science for enhanced understanding of content
  • Full and varied course selection, including 20 AP, Honors and Dual-Credit courses (see complete list here)
  • Elective options include vocal ensemble, studio art, AP Studio Art,  graphic design and publishing, and ceramics.  All of the electives are approved by the UC system and fulfill the VAPA a-g requirement.
  • Graduation requirements that meet or exceed university requirements
  • Student Development curriculum includes Career and Life Calling, Leadership, Discipleship, Citizenship, and Formal Rhetoric
  • Daily “Bread & Bible” (Scripture reading and reflection)
  • Daily “D Block” where Chapel, Bible and Student Life curriculum are taught and developed
  • God Project and Senior Thesis required of every graduate
  • Service and Missions focused
  • Competitive Athletics
  • Experienced Guidance Counselor on staff, providing guidance and direction for admission to colleges and universities of choice

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