"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection."  Michelangelo

The Visual Arts at Horizon Prep are an important part of teaching the whole child. Students in Early Education through High School are exposed and encouraged through the Visual Arts in a wide variety of art mediums and classes. The goal of the Visual and Performing Arts department (VAPA) is to expose students to a wide variety of artists, styles, mediums, and techniques so that students are able to find the opportunity to be creative and worship their creator in the arts.

K-12 students are able to experience, practice, and perfect their skills in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics, Photography, Art History and Aesthetics.  

In the Logic School, the students elective choices include ceramics, drawing and painting, photography and yearbook and graphic design.

Our Rhetoric School students can choose from a number of courses to explore and learn skills as well as perfect and hone their talent, from introductory Art 1 through to the rigorous AP Studio Art course.  You can see the many VAPA courses offered at the high school level here.