Back To School: What You Need To Know

Posted by Staff Contributor on Aug 10, 2017 2:30:00 PM

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Most of us enjoy the lazy, fun-filled days of summer, and the time from one school year ending to another beginning seems to go by in the blink of an eye.  Going back to school is a bittersweet event for most families, with parents eager to get back to a schedule and children loathe to be parted from their summer freedoms.  Regardless of the situation in your home, here are some helpful tips to ease your family into the back-to-school mindset.

Don’t wait until the first day of school to set an alarm for your kids and expect them to go through the morning routine. It will be rushed, unpleasant, and set a negative tone for the mornings that follow. About 4 days before the first day of school, explain to your children that you will be setting their alarm (or waking them) for the time they’ll have to wake for school. The nights before, have them pick out their clothes, prepare their backpack, and get to bed at a healthy time. For younger children, you may decide to pick just one task for them to complete the first night, then on the second night add another task, and so forth. This way you build up to their responsibilities and they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Your kids are still on summer break, so try and keep the last days of their vacation fun and filled with something special. Perhaps you will have one last beach day, go to their favorite ice cream place, or encourage them to invite a friend over. Let them pick out a new pair of ‘just for school’ shoes or a special backpack. Children often reflect what they see and hear, so it’s really up to us as parents to do our best to keep the topic of going back to school in a positive light.

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If you are shopping for school supplies, bring them along and give them one or two items that they get to choose for themselves. For older children, you may want to give each child a $5 or $10 bill and a short list of supplies that are required by their teacher and see how well they can do with their budget. This is a good way to involve them in the process of preparing, and they are more likely to enjoy using supplies that they picked out themselves. If you have a wide age range of children, encourage your older ones to come along side the younger and help them pick out clothes, pack their backpack, or make their lunch.

Taking these simple steps can help you and your family avoid the chaos and grumpiness that can occur with abruptly starting something new on the first day of school. When you do talk about going back to school, keep your tone light and encouraging, asking your children what they are looking forward to and what they are not looking forward to about returning. Going back to christian school in san diego does not have to be something our children dread, but instead let’s help them see the challenge as their next adventure.

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