Benefits of Being Involved in Your Child's School

Posted by Will Hicks & Melissa Smith on Sep 1, 2017 4:00:00 PM

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According to studies and research all across America, parent involvement in their children’s education has been proven to be an incredibly positive and valuable tool. Children with involved parents are more likely to earn higher grades and perform better on tests, have higher school attendance, have improved social skills, generally have good behavior, and continue on into higher education. It’s safe to say that all parents want these things for their children, and you as a parent may play a bigger role than you think in making your child’s academic experience a successful and enjoyable one. While there are countless benefits to being involved in your child’s school, we will only look at a few here.

Your child benefits from your involvement.
When your child knows that you’re helping out at school, it sends a silent but important message to them that, “This is important. This school is important. Your education is important.” It’s a powerful way to show the value that you put on their education and that could never be communicated in a lecture from mom and dad. In this case, actions really do speak louder than words. Your child is apart of the school community, and by volunteering and signing up to help, you can be apart of it as well. School turns into much more than school when parents and administration work together to create an environment that includes the whole family.


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You benefit from your involvement.
The worst way to meet your principal for the first time is when your son or daughter in waiting for you in their office. It is so much better to have a relationship with the staff and faculty so that if (or when?) you get that call to come to the office, they already know you and you already know them. Also, if your kids know that you and the principal/ teacher already have a relationship they know they probably won’t be able to play you against each other. It’s one more reason for them to stay out of trouble.

Another benefit to being involved is that you will be ‘in the know.’ By making yourself a presence on campus, showing up for meetings, or volunteering in the classroom, you will naturally have eyes and ears on your child’s behavior when they are away from you.

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The school benefits from your involvement.
The staff and faculty of a school are the foundation of a good school, but the parents and volunteers are the nice paint job and the attractive throw pillows. The employees of Horizon Christian Academy take on the responsibility of making sure that the children are being educated. As a parent you don’t have to worry about any of that! You can help plan and put on the fun events like dances, after school activities, and annual fundraising events. Your effort to plan events and activities for the school is also a benefit to you and your children as well.

If you think you don’t have the time to be involved, maybe take a look at your schedule and see what can be moved around. Investing in your children in this way is crucial and will pay you back in dividends.  Another suggestion is to ask your child what they want you to be involved in, as this will further solidify the message that they are important to you. Don’t hesitate to take this wonderful step in being involved in your child’s school.

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