Must-Have Advice for Graduating Seniors

Posted by Rachel Urbina and our amazing Kindergarteners on May 31, 2018 4:00:00 PM

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With graduation just around the corner, we decided to send our high school seniors off to college with some helpful, practical and much-needed advice. Naturally we decided to consult the experts for this important project, so we interviewed our Kindergarten students to find out what they had to say:


“Congratulations! You passed your level.”

“Good job learning all of those years.”

“Hold on to your shoes, you’re getting older!”

“Kindergarten is so excited for you.”

“Good job for many years of completing your homework, completing your school, and having good days at school.”

“I hope you remember our school.”

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“Have fun but try not to get in trouble.”

“Just be honest.”

“Make smart choices and be nice.”

“Make new friends.”

“Do your math homework.”

“Don’t forget to bring some instruments and music with you because you might need them.”

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“Never ever lie.”

“Get dressed properly before you go to school.”

“Be sure to take all the fruits of the Spirit with you.”

“Make sure you get samples if you go grocery shopping.”

“Don’t be sad, just read a book so you’re not homesick.”

“Don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth.”


“It’s difficult and sad, so don’t forget to pack some of your favorite things that remind you of your Mom and Dad."

“Always worship God.”

“Don’t make your chores boring.”

“Take a picture of your family before you go.”

“You have a phone, don’t forget, so you can Facetime your mom and dad.”

“Have hope and pray to God.”




“God loves you and we do too!”

So for all you high school seniors out there, your families will miss you, but remember that your school family will miss you too.  Keep in touch and don’t neglect the important things like homework, hygiene and holding on to your shoes wherever you go! You have been an integral part of the student body, and we are so proud of you and are excited to see the great and wonderful things you will achieve all for the glory of God.

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