The Beauty of Easter

Posted by Jamie Urbina on Apr 14, 2017 3:00:00 PM

Easter Sunday. For some, this holiday may conjure up thoughts of bunnies, easter egg hunts, pastel argyle and ham. My earliest memories of Easter are very much the same including having to wear the world’s most uncomfortable outfit my parents could find and usually matching my brothers. Although the experience of Easters past may have formed all of these fun memories, it’s the true meaning of Easter that makes this holiday truly memorable and special.

The Bible teaches us that it was God’s perfect plan all along to send His Son Jesus to this earth for the purpose of the cross. Jesus, even struggling with the thought, submitted to that plan of redemption and was beaten and hung on a cross for your sake and mine. It was because of the sin that plagued us and separated us from a holy God, a great price had to be paid at Christ’s expense and the imagery of the crucifixion is something that many of us are quite familiar with. But it doesn’t end there.

You see, this is only the backdrop of Easter and any service, mass or celebration ending on that note would be severely lacking in the beautiful highlight that is the meaning of Easter.

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It’s true that Jesus died a horrible death, but He had to die. For if Jesus hadn’t died for our sins, He could not have defeated death and just as the Bible had foretold, after three days Jesus arose from the dead. He is no longer on the cross, no longer in a grave, He is alive!

And that is the backdrop and beauty of Easter. Although our sins created the darkest backdrop, Jesus invaded the darkness to redeemed us.  This is a free gift and doesn’t cost anyone anything, but those who accept His great gift can experience this beautiful, color-filled crescendo of new life that’s available... because He has risen!

Happy Easter!

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