Where Do You Want to Go? A Lesson for Our Pace in Life

Posted by Dr. Erik Konsmo on Aug 4, 2019 3:00:00 PM


At the beginning of this past school year at Horizon Prep, Bob Goff joined us at our opening school assembly.  As always, he was funny, engaging, and shared a great encouragement to the students about loving one another.  Over the summer, the staff is reading his book, Everybody Always. Sure, it is not about classical educational philosophy, but challenges readers to love others to the point of it being uncomfortable. 

One of the last chapters of this work is entitled, “Where Do You Want to Go?”. Goff shares a story of when he and his ten-year-old son climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain peak in Africa.  During the early part of the trek, the mountain guide kept repeating, “pole, pole,” which in Swahili means “slow, slow.” Bob needed to slow down. It was then he made the connection from his attempt to climb the mountain too quickly, to the journey of life.  Goff transparently admitted his tendency, much like our own, to race through life and set his own pace, but he learned a new life lesson while climbing the enormous mountain.


He writes, “I’ve been doing that my whole life.  I’ve misunderstood going slow as lacking enthusiasm and going fast as joy.  I’ve confused patience as a lack of will and activity as purpose. What I learned from our guide is I could either run fast or get to the top of the mountain.  I couldn’t do both.”


I know that many reading this are like Mr. Goff, moving too fast sometimes, impatient, and believing that taking breaks is a sign of laziness.  But our journey of life will proceed better if we go at the pace of our Guide, Jesus Christ. Only by following His path and at His pace will we climb to the peaks of the biggest mountains in our lives and go where we (and He) want to go.

For You are my Rock and my Fortress; for Your name’s sake You will lead me and guide me.
Psalm 31:3

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