Led by the Lord
Students will grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Bible, which leads to a life that honors God.
They will…

  • Understand their value and identity in Jesus Christ as expressed through a Christian worldview
  • Acquire the tools such as Bible study, fellowship, prayer and worship that facilitate the development of a lifelong spiritual maturity and growth
  • Be able to assess Biblical truths and apply them to their daily lives

Inspired to Serve Others
Students will be equipped to be positive contributors to their diverse spheres of influence.
They will…

  • Demonstrate Christ-like, servant leadership through community service, outreach projects, missions trips and fundraisers
  • Be able to develop and grow relationships with their peers, civic leaders, religious leaders and family
  • Model Godly manners through good sportsmanship, respect of authority and use of kind words
  • Practice the Biblical principals of relating to others regardless of cultural, religious or socio-economic backgrounds

Opened to the Humanities
Students will be exposed to a variety of artistic, classical and cultural fields informed by a Christian worldview.
They will…

  • Practice the techniques of the applied arts and of master artists
  • Grow an appreciation and knowledge for music, drama, art, and their history
  • Integrate classical studies such as Omnibus, Logic, Rhetoric and Latin into learning

Nurtured toward Academic Achievement
Students will demonstrate academic achievement and subject matter competency.
They will…

  • Comprehend, conceptualize, analyze, synthesize and apply information
  • Integrate knowledge from a breadth of fields such as Bible, Latin, foreign language, technology and core academic subjects
  • Demonstrate proficiency and clarity in their reading, writing and speaking skills

Strengthened in Stature
Students will know and apply the principal that their bodies are temples of God.
They will…

  • Understand the Biblical teachings of a life lived unto the Lord
  • Participate in and understand the benefits of activities which promote health and fitness
  • Commit themselves to a life of purity
  • Understand the outcomes and consequences of healthy lifestyle choices and choices to the contrary