“Preparing… Socially Developed individuals for a life of opportunity and service to God” is one of the hallmarks that set Horizon Prep apart from other schools.  Our Christ-centered, Classically based program provides a foundation for balance among the disciplines – integrating humanities with math and science – leading to a well-rounded education.

At Horizon Prep, we are intentional about social development.  In the elementary grades, we focus on cooperation and teamwork.  In Logic (Middle) School, we have introduced the Student Life program, which includes Master Student study skills, Spiritual Development, and Leadership Opportunities.  In the School of Rhetoric (high school), student leaders have an active role in shepherding their peers - whether spiritually, socially, academically, behaviourally, or by oversight of campus facilities.

With the accessible role models of their teachers and coaches, our students are learning what it means to be a good citizen in our community, how to be a disciple of Christ and hear God’s call for the path of their life.