The HUB is a collegiate-inspired student lounge dedicated for exclusive use by Horizon Prep High School Students. It is fully equipped with a kitchenette, microwave, hot/cold water system, and a “business center” workstation with a printer and office supplies. Right outside the HUB is a dedicated deck that looks out over the backfield (soon to be a state-of-the-art Athletic Field) where students can gather for meals, study time or just to hang out.

Students sign a covenant in order to be a member of the HUB so that the space is utilized with consideration, care and ownership. It was designed for them to fellowship, study, eat, learn and relax in an area all their own – completely separate from the other two schools. The High School in San Diego will host lunches on the deck to celebrate our students and their accomplishments. We will also have a traditional bonfire to kick off each school year, which is the first official opening of the HUB for the new freshman class, as well as Movie Nights and other events throughout the year. Additionally, the HUB is home to our Bread and Bible time each morning. 

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