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Kindergarten: The Next Step

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Considering Kindergarten Options?

While your child may have gone to preschool before, kindergarten is a whole new ball game. It's the start of your child's formal schooling years. A foundation for success will be set and you'll want to ensure your child is ready for this important year.

Parents who are making a decision about where to enroll their child for Kindergarten in San Diego often are concerned because there are so many factors to research. Teachers, curriculum, academic outcomes, friends, and location all must be considered. The bottom line for parents often is, "Will they love my child as much as I do?"

We can help you navigate this big decision! Watch our webinar as we interviewed our Head of Schools, Kenneth Kush, Ed.D., and our Early Education Director, Cathy Towner.  

What’s in it for you?

  • Find out how a hands on, engaging, joyful classroom can benefit your child
  • Understand how your child will thrive in a developmental program
  • Learn about ways parents can help their child prepare for Kindergarten
  • Get an inside look at a Christian Kindergarten community 

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