To those who would say that “all work and no play isn’t good for the soul,” we wholeheartedly agree!  Students love to learn at Horizon Prep and enjoy the abundant creative electives and enrichment at every grade level.

Those inspired by their gifts of creativity can immerse themselves in a wide range of music, drama, or arts programs. Electives aimed at inspiring new interests range from guitar to documentary film production, including band, choir and photography.

To make all of this possible, Horizon Prep offers dedicated art and music professional teachers, along with music classrooms with hundreds of new instruments, and art studios that include a printing press, potter’s wheels and a separate kiln room.

Early Education students are immersed in visual and tactile art in the classroom, and enjoy music class once a week.

Grammar School students (K-5th grades) explore art and music at least once a week, and follow a curriculum in each that has been purposely designed to build understanding from the youngest grades, and complementing the core academic subjects. 

Logic School students (6-8th grades) have the opportunity to explore interests through elective options, and have 3 elective classes every semester, so there is a chance to stay with something they love and explore a new passion!

Rhetoric School students (high school) have a variety of UC-approved Visual and Performing Arts courses to choose from, including vocal ensemble, studio art, computer graphics and design, drama and performing arts, and ceramics.